Culture is the soul of an enterprise and the inexhaustible power to promote its development.  ZhongMei company has always attached importance to the construction of corporate culture. After years of cultivation and accumulation, adhering to the people-oriented purpose, it has created a harmonious and beautiful corporate atmosphere and gradually formed its own corporate culture and values.  Its core is "Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, Striving".

Integrity is the cornerstone of ZhongMei. Treat each other with sincerity, win trust, keep promises, and cherish universal love.

Collaboration is the charm of ZhongMei. Sincere cooperation, concerted efforts, each to its own advantage, win-win.

Innovation is the driving force of ZhongMei, which is to expand the mind, sharp vision, go into the forefront and grasp the direction.

Striving is the soul of ZhongMei, the pursuit of perfection, brand building, striving and enterprising, striving for achievements.