How to tell you about the maintenance of Guangdong clothes rack?

2020-12-08 888

The products of hanger manufacturers can help us clean up our clothes better. It can be said that it is a practical product. In the process of using, it is necessary to sterilize the clothes hangers. It is often necessary to correct and wrong. Especially for those hangers that are exposed to the sun, they are related to our health.

The material of hanger manufacturer is very important, including some well-known brand clothes hanger. The manufacturer's information about the hanger manufacturer is aluminum alloy, but the merchant says it is titanium alloy. Look at the steel wire rope. The wire rope is very important. The thicker the wire rope is, the softer it is, the better it is. After releasing it, we can see whether it can be restored. For winter coats, the collar and cuffs must be washed clean. After washing, they must be hung with wooden hangers so that the sleeves will not deform. As for summer clothes, such as shirts and trousers, they should be differentiated according to their materials. If wool, cotton and hemp are the same, they should be dry cleaned, while shirts can be collected repeatedly.


If you can pay attention to the maintenance and care of the suit, it will bring people more long-term pride, but do not over maintain, avoid destroying a dress, especially the more sophisticated material of the suit, is unable to withstand excessive cleaning and ironing. Extend the service life of boring rod, crank, top seat and other parts, punctual and clean, and try to do punctual maintenance.

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