Guangdong clothes hanger wholesale: clothes hanger selection is quite different

2020-12-08 885

We help a lot of customers manage the wardrobe, but also found that the choice of hanger is very different. There are refreshing direct use of dry cleaners, a choice of various colors of plastic hangers, there are also love to use a very texture of wood hangers. It's not a lot of stainless steel for home. However, the general family hanger is a large collection of all kinds of clothes, so we do door-to-door wardrobe management, there is a very important work link, is to classify all kinds of hangers, and reasonable distribution and use.


Most of our choices of hangers are based on raw materials, which are thin, thick and even color. Here is a small hint. The dip plastic hangers in dry cleaners are easy to degumm and have a strong smell. It is suggested that we should not put them in the closet for a long time. Then, in addition to insolation and prevent clothing wrinkles, there is also a function is to prevent clothing deformation to a greater extent, so the selection of hanger should pay attention to the width of the hanger. The recommended hanger for girls is 42cm, and that for boys is 47cm. For silk, knitting, shirts and suits, we suggest using wide shoulder hangers to prevent deformation of clothes.

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