Technological process of Guangdong dipping clothes hanger

2020-12-08 882

Metal dipping is a new technology for metal surface anti-corrosion. Dip molding technology is a new development of anti-corrosion technology and a new application of polymer materials. In recent years, dip molding products are quietly popular. In China, the dip molding products involve various fields such as highway, railway, urban management, garden, agriculture and fishery, tourism, housing construction, medicine and health, etc.

Dip molding process flow:

Process pretreatment → upper workpiece → pre drying (pre drying 320 ℃ - 370 ℃ for 15 minutes) → dipping (vibration, removing residual powder) → curing (180 ℃ - 200 ℃ for 10 minutes) → lower the workpiece.

Impregnation is a heating process, metal preheating, impregnation and solidification. The hotter the metal is, the longer the soaking time is and the thicker the material is. Naturally, temperature and the shape of the material is the key to choose how much to stick to the plastisol. It is possible to create amazing shapes by dipping.


The material of impregnation is various plastic powder.

Dipping powder ① civil powder: mainly used for coating clothes, bicycles, baskets, kitchen utensils, etc., with good leveling and luster. ② engineering powder: used for the coating of highway and railway guardrail, municipal engineering, instruments and meters, supermarket grid frame, shelf, cable and miscellaneous articles in refrigerator, with strong durability and corrosion resistance.

Such as hot-dip plastic powder raw materials: PE general-purpose dipping powder, PE engineering type dipping powder, PE pipe type dipping powder, PE refrigerator special dipping powder, PE coat hanger special dipping powder, etc.

This kind of processing technology of coating plastic powder on metal surface by heating is called dipping.

Source: Guangdong dip plastic clothes hanger

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