Guangdong hanger wholesale: advantages and disadvantages of various hangers

2020-12-08 929

Clothes hanger is a good helper in our days. Most modern clothes hangers are of hook type or fork type, and clothes are hung on clothes hooks with neck collar. What are the classification of hangers and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Hanger data wooden hanger production materials are generally in 18 degrees below the ability to produce. Before making the hanger, the wood should be dried; if there are wormholes, the wood should not be selected; after being made, fumigation should be carried out to prolong the service life of the hanger.

Advantages of wooden clothes hanger:

1. Solid wood production, giving people a kind of intimacy, solid and close to nature;

2. The lines of wooden clothes hanger give people different visual enjoyment;

3. The wooden clothes hanger has no pollution to the environment, which is healthy and environmentally friendly

Wooden hanger defect:

1. The wooden clothes hanger is easy to deform in case of water and cannot be restored;

2. Simple corrosion, simple worm decay.


Advantages of plastic hanger:

1. Common raw materials, simple processing and low price;

2. The material of plastic clothes hanger is light and easy to handle;

3. We can use various colors to enrich our days.

Defects of plastic hanger:

1. The bearing component is not very large, simple bending deformation;

2. The production process will pollute the environment, and recycling will also pollute the environment;

3. If it is used for a long time, it will wear out the gloss of the plastic clothes hanger and look old.

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